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Welcome to The Bunker Performance Lounge and Cafe, Stratford's home for exceptional live music, delightful refreshments, and a vibrant community of performers and music enthusiasts. Whether you're a discerning patron seeking a captivating musical experience, an aspiring musician yearning for a stage to showcase your talent, or a seasoned professional musician seeking an audience that truly appreciates your artistry, The Bunker is the place to be.


Step into our inviting establishment and immerse yourself in an ambiance that effortlessly combines the allure of a sophisticated lounge with the cozy comfort of a local gathering spot. Indulge in our selection of delightful refreshments that perfectly complement the vibrant atmosphere. Savour the authentic cinema-style Hollywood popcorn provided by Little Prince Micro-Cinema, adding a nostalgic flair to your experience. And to satisfy your sweet tooth, delight in a delectable array of desserts crafted by Black Angus Bakery, ensuring that your visit to The Bunker is complete with indulgent treats.


We are proud to partner with Shakespeare Brewing Co, a local craft brewery renowned for their exceptional beers, and UP Coffee, purveyors of artisan coffee beans. This collaboration brings you a diverse range of beverages that perfectly complement the rhythm and energy of our live performances. From craft beers that tickle your taste buds, to meticulously mixed cocktails, to expertly roasted coffee that awakens your senses, our offerings are designed to enhance your musical journey.

At The Bunker, we understand the power of music to transcend boundaries and create a sense of belonging. We have built a strong and supportive community where musicians of all levels can find their voice and connect with fellow artists and passionate music lovers. Our stage is a platform for emerging talents to share their skills, gain valuable experience, and be cheered on by an enthusiastic audience. Every Wednesday and Thursday night, we host open mic sessions that welcome new and experienced players alike, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive and grow.

Fridays are dedicated to our Sessions night, a showcase of handpicked artists who exemplify exceptional talent and musicianship. These performers grace our stage, creating a magical atmosphere that captivates all who attend. And on Saturdays, The Bunker truly comes alive with our highly anticipated Saturday Night Live show. This weekly event brings together experienced professionals and rising stars, providing a platform for them to shine and leaving the audience mesmerized by their extraordinary performances.

Whether you're a devoted patron, a budding musician, or a seasoned professional, The Bunker Performance Lounge and Cafe welcomes you to our thriving musical community. Discover the joy of live music, connect with fellow artists, and be part of the vibrant energy that defines our establishment as Stratford's home for exceptional performances.

Live Music, Trivia, Stratford Ontario
Live Music Stratford Ontario


Doors Open at 6:00 pm

Mon - Thu: 6pm - 11pm | Fri - Sat: 6pm - 12am


To contact us, or buy tickets to an upcoming event and make a reservation, fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you.

104 Wellington Street, Stratford, Ontario


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