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OnRush Festival

Discovering the Harmony: The Bunker & OnRush Festival Unite

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news that's making waves in the heart of Stratford – The Bunker Performance Lounge & Cafe is teaming up with the sensational OnRush Festival!

The Bunker's Evolution: Where Coffee Meets Cocktails

In 2023, The Bunker transformed into the downtown cocktail lounge of our musical dreams. Craft beer, signature cocktails, and an even richer tapestry of live performances – it has truly set the stage for something extraordinary. From Open Mics to Saturday Night Live features The Bunker has been a hub for emerging artists, fostering a community where creativity thrives.

OnRush Festival: A Celebration of Indie Resonance

Enter OnRush Festival – a beacon for independent artists to shine. It's more than just a festival; it's a movement to nurture indie talent, provide exposure, and equip artists with the tools they need to succeed. Local, national, international – OnRush welcomes them all to the stage, aligning perfectly with The Bunker's commitment to promoting diverse voices.

Harmony in Partnership: The Bunker x OnRush

So, why this partnership? It's a match made in musical heaven. Both The Bunker and OnRush share a passion for fostering creativity, supporting local talent, and creating a space where the community comes alive. As one of OnRush Festival's inaugural venues, we extend an invitation to you – the avid music lover, the comedy aficionado, or anyone seeking a vibrant space to unwind with friends. The Bunker, in collaboration with OnRush, promises an immersive experience tailored for all. Let the music resonate, the laughter flow, and the cocktails enhance your evenings.

Live Music, OnRush Festival, Stratford Ontario

I want to perform at the inaugural OnRush Festival happening April 4-6 2024.

I want to perform at The Bunker before or after the next OnRush Festival.

OnRush Festival, Live Music, Stratford Ontario


OnRush Festival in the news

Live Music, OnRush Festival, Stratford O
OnRush Festival, Live Music, Stratford Ontario
Live Music, OnRush Festival, Stratford Ontario
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